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Buy 2-NMC Online
Product Name:2-nmc
IUPAC Name:1-(4-Chloro-phenyl)-2-ethylamino-propan-1-one
Other Names:2-nmc Crystals
Cas Number:8378231-23-02
Molecular Formula:C12H17NO
Molar Mass:191.0 g/mol
Effect:stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance:≥99.9%
Physical properties:Crystals


Buy 2-nmc Online 

Buy 2-NMC Online. 2-NMC is a fairly new synthetic stimulant closely related to the cathinone family, similar in many ways to Ephedrine, Methcathinone, N,N-DMA and Mephedrone. It is also classed as a substituted anilide, making it very useful as a sample for analytical reference. It may also be helpful for neuro-chemists or synthetic chemists.

 Is 2-NMC a controlled substance in your jurisdiction?

2-NMC is a relatively new product, and it is to known to be controlled or to require any special licensing or handling permits in any major jurisdictions. Even so, it is the buyer’s responsibility to check any local regulations, laws or standards, and to ensure that their order complies with them. Many research chemicals of the cathinone family could fall under a wide definition of ‘analogues’ to certain controlled designer drugs, so caution is in order.

What is 2-NMC

2-NMC is also call N-Methyl-N-p-tolyl-isobutyramide and C12H17NO. It belongs to the substituted cathinone family of stimulants.

We do not know a  great deal about the pharmacology of 2-NMC. It is believe to respond very similarly to Methcathinone, though. As such, it has many properties of an amphetamine, acting both as a dopamine release stimulator and a reuptake inhibitor. Molecularly speaking, it is hydrophobic and should not interfere with monoamine transportation.

Possible Side-Effects of 2-NMC
2-NMC is very new, and few if any studies have been done on its toxicology or effects. It is occasionally mis-use as a ‘designer drug’, though, so there are some scattered reports of its perceived effects. It seems to have substantial mood elevation effects, as well as side effects such as euphoria. When use recreationally, the chemical is typically insufflated or taken orally. There is no confirmed data on whether the method of use alters its effects.

Buy 2-nmc Online

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Buy 2-NMC Online . It is an inactive drug which do not have a sensitive effect on brain or body. it is not a cathinone. This doesn´t have the PEA structure commonly known from drugs

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