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Buy Hexarelin 5mg Online. Hexarelin (Hexarelin Acetate) is a synthetic hexapeptide in the growth factor family which stimulates the release of growth hormone (GH) and does not interfere with the body’s ability to produce its own GH. Structurally, Hexarelin (Hexarelin Acetate) is similar in structure to GHRP-6 but without the appetite increase because of its inability to drastically increase Ghrelin levels which is responsible for the increased appetite and quicker gastric emptying. Hexarelin is a synthetic growth hormone secretagogue produce from six amino acids.

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It contains powerful growth hormone releasing properties in the human body. Hexarelin in studies over a certain period has shown that it reduces visceral fat. Hexarelin (Hexarelin Acetate) like other Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides is most effective synergistically. That is when administered with GHRH such as Sermorelin or Modified GRF 1-29. The increase of circulating GH through Hexarelin use causes levels of Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) to rise in the liver. IGF-1 is the prime cause of muscle growth in response to GH stimulation. Users of IGF-1 typically experience increased strength and muscle mass, as well as a very pronounced fat loss.

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Hexarelin (HEX), also known as Examorelin, is a synthetic hexapeptide that affects growth hormone production in the body. While growth hormone is naturally produce in humans, many children and elderly people suffer from GH deficiency. At Paradigm Peptides, our HEX is available in vials of 2 mg doses. It is a white powder that needs to be reconstituted before use in research and studies.

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