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300 mg. These compounds foster wakefulness and alert mental states, but do not carry the side effects of common psychostimulants. Adrafinil has gained popularity as a nootropic supplement for improving cognitive function and fostering intense concentration abilities in users.

Neuro Force Adrafinil: (300mg) of Adrafinil in each vegetarian capsule.

There are 30ct Vegetarian capsules (V-Caps) in each bottle.

Each capsule is filled only with pure Adrafinil.

With this being said, there are no additives or fillers in the capsules


Adrafinil Capsules 300 mg

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a pro-drug of Modafinil (a different molecule that metabolizes to Modafinil in the liver) with nearly identical effects to the prescription drug. This drug is on sale mainly in the form of Adrafinil Capsules. Adrafinil is a wakefulness promoting agent. Adrafinil was first discovered in the latter half of the 1970’s by French scientists, and has since been used internationally as a nootropic and legal alternative to the prescription drug Modafinil. Adrafinil’s exact mechanism of action is not yet fully understood, though influence on the dopamine receptors of the brain has been confirmed to a slight degree.

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A mild central nervous system stimulant, most users of our Adrafinil capsules report it gave them increased wakefulness, better productivity, and overall felt much stronger than something like caffeine or the racetams. While not entirely confirm for cognitive enhancement, Adrafinil has been speculated to improve cognitive performance on a wide array of task (because of how it improves focus and alertness). Adrafinil, because of its stimulating qualities, can help you feel much more energized and alert throughout the day, with mental endurance and overall energy one of the main reasons why users rave about Adrafinil!

Adrafinil Dosage

Typical Adrafinil dosages range from 300-900 milligrams, and are usually taken in the form of Adrafinil Capsules. Adrafinil Capsules is the safest option when trying to obtain it in its purest form. It has a small risk of potential side effects that can include dry mouth, mild insomnia, and jitteriness. This medication is an entirely synthetic nootropic compound, and is classified as a nonspecific stimulant under WADA. Because Adrafinil can often times make sleep difficult, Adrafinil should only be get hold of in the morning or early afternoon for maximum benefits. Do not exceed 1200 mg when taking Adrafinil, and be sure to cycle off if you’ve taken it for more than several weeks without a break.

Adrafinil Capsules for Sale

Adrafinil capsules is a synthetic Nootropic compound. It is a prodrug for Modafinil, meaning supplementation of adrafinil capsules leads to increased concentrations of modafinil in the body. Adrafinil supplementation increases alertness and wakefulnessAdrafinil is a stimulant, but it does not cause hyperactivity. Instead, it fights sleepiness. Taking adrafinil may also improve memory, but further research is require to confirm this effect. Adrafinil works vicariously through modafinil. Further research is essential to determine the exact mechanisms of modafinil, but preliminary evidence suggests histaminergic signaling may play a vital role.

History of Adrafinil 

Adrafinil discovery is in the late 1970s by scientists working with the French pharmaceutical company Group Lafon. First offered in France in 1986 as an experimental treatment for narcolepsy, Lafon later developed modafinil, the primary metabolite of adrafinil. Even though the exact mechanism is unclear, Modafinil possesses greater selective alpha-1 adrenergic activity than adrafinil, without many of adrafinil common side-effects (stomach pain, skin irritation, anxiety and (with prolonged use) elevated liver enzymes).This makes it important to monitor the liver of an individual using adrafinil for prolonged periods.


Safety information on adrafinil is lacking because modafinil is use instead, for treatment of narcolepsy and excessive daytime sleepiness. Long term supplementation of adrafinil is not advise, since adrafinil is process into modafinil in the liver. Therefore, there is no available evidence regarding liver safety. Adrafinil and modafinil are band by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as a nonspecific stimulant compound.


In the United States, adrafinil is currently unregulated. Food and Drug Administration. Unlike modafinil, adrafinil is not classified as a controlled substance and does not fall under DEA jurisdiction; in particular, it is not illegal to possess without a prescription. Buy adrafinil capsules below!

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