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The fullPage.js full screen display is a great option if you want to create a portfolio with stunning visuals and a few short phrases. It will give your page a contemporary feel and undoubtedly create a unique portfolio that will grab the attention of the viewer. If you can find the time to write a bit every month, this will enhance your portfolio quite a lot. Create posts about web development sharing your discoveries and struggles. The more you share the more they’ll see you as an expert on the topic and the better you’ll learn things.

Without one, your chance will automatically be gone if your competitors have theirs. But to make an effective one, first ask yourself why you’re making it and who it’s for. Is it actually supposed to help your career and attract recruiters? In this video, David Roberts, Head of Developer Relations at Arc, discusses how you can make a portfolio that works for you — and actually gives you a return on your time investment! Arc is the radically different remote job search platform for developers where companies apply to you.

Front End Developer – Portfolio website design by Mahir

The structure consists of multiple pages and also goes in-depth for each work case with a study article and additional information. On the “My Lab” page each case also has links to browse online demo. He also added filters for portfolio cases and used SVG animated icons.

  • By applying 3D animation features, he has created an interactive navigation system, making the portfolio more enjoyable and visually appealing.
  • Gift has also included a resource section on her portfolio where visitors can stay up-to-date with her as a content creator.
  • Her online portfolio is clean, and concise, with information about her role as a front-end developer and responsibilities with her personal projects.
  • If you’re a front end developer get specific about your work with animations and frameworks like Bootstrap.

Planning how your content is viewed is extremely crucial as it will either attract or repulse people to look at your portfolio. You should also consider optimizing the user experience through the layout of your choosing. Elaborate what design tools and programming languages you are adept with. Trustworthiness is a vital aspect of your front end developer portfolio. If your client requests you to work with something that you aren’t proficient in and you end up doing a poor job at it, it will only damage your credibility. A front end developer portfolio also serves as an inventory system for your completed projects.

How often should I update my freelancer developer portfolio?

Not only does he have industry-specific posts, but he also engages with a newsletter and compiles and shares a series of use cases and design elements. When people or potential employers see your portfolio, they can get a glimpse of your skills. Thus, online portfolios are a great way to showcase your work and skills.

  • A testimonial can be something as simple as a few sentences about a specific service provided to a client.
  • A strong web developer portfolio is essential when you’re applying for jobs or projects in any web development company.
  • At the bottom of the homepage, he added a short copy that includes a call-to-action to let clients know he’s available for freelance projects.

How you want to represent yourself— front-end developer, back-end developer, full-stack developer. Daniel Teeny is a designer with a reputation for excellence located in California. He works on website design, branding, logos, photography and more. It has been working really well for me to get clients in 2020. Visitors to Belgium-based Dries Van Broek’s website are greeted by a number of great examples of his work, which appear as soon as the page loads.

Matthew Williams – A Dynamic Freelancer From Poland

Even before you’ve been hired there are plenty of ways to get experience on projects you can add to your portfolio. For one thing, having a portfolio can be critical to getting hired. My portfolio has continued to help me how to become a front end developer get that first call and, to my great and pleasant surprise, land the offer. That’s because it helped me prepare to talk about my work and also conveniently share my work as more people were added to the interview panel.

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As you scroll, new sections will load, including blog posts, contact details, and professional skills. Qode Kaleidoscope is another collection of Qode Interactive themes, this time handpicked for their distinct color-driven visual identities. The whole site is based on the interplay of colors and patterns within a kaleidoscope, and the way this concept is embedded both into its design and its UI is simply amazing.

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